Parfums Gres – Germaine Emilie Krebs Creation

Parfums Gres

Parfums Gres – Germaine Emilie Krebs Creation

It is notable that there Parfums Gres are only a few women who successfully get the limelight in the world of fashion design. However, those few women are truly worthwhile and are immensely and significantly adored by the fashion world. Parfums Gres Germaine Emilie Krebs is a name prominent in the world of fashion. Born in Paris, France in 1903, Krebs’ passion for style was set aside by her formal training. In 1945, she became a member Parfums Gres of the “House of Chanel,” and was assigned as the personal assistant to Marc Bohan. Under her spell, Chanel slowly and successfully took the fashion world by storm. In evening wear especially, her Parfums Gres contribution to revolutionized the fashion industry was remarkable.

Krebs biographers believe that the reasons behind her success were different from what Parfums Gres others credit. Possessing strong qualities of leadership and deferring to others without thinking of personal gain was just one of the qualities. Another reason was that she was a paradox in many respects. Bold and confident in manner, she was caught in thequinry of a bygone era: a novelty that was funny and exciting at the same time.

Krebs, sincere though she was about her work, was very close to Marc Bohan, her husband. This fact was not lost to those who loved her. Incheon, where she and her husband lived, was also the place where she had her stage career started.

In 1964, she and her husband decided to bring their show on town Parfums Gres.

The idea behind this move was to draw more attention to the mechanics of the fashion industry which was booming at that time. They wanted to show the world the “real” status of a woman as well as the significant position of women in the world.

Their first show was a tremendous success. Their name, the “la Fin des Jeans” or the “finishing of jeans” attracted attention of all kinds. The series of shows they presented showed decently dressed models prancing about town as well as in the bordello. Their fashion and humor was suggestive rather than presented as an attack on society.

Krebs’ own fashion designs and her avant-garde style led to the design of several clothing and accessory lines for the fragrance-reaching French Line company. She had several noteworthy women clients, one being Marilyn Monroe, another Chesty Kermit. The New York City fashion was a unique blend of romanticism and professionalism.

Krebs’ other half, Ricanexclusive designer Isabelle Charriere was not only a brilliant business woman, but also a fashion design master. Together, they were able to create a variety of fashion lines, and introduce several changes to the fashion industry. Krebs created fashion designs for their own company, then shared the wealth when various companies wanted to take part in the fashion designs. Nonetheless, it was their individual brilliance combined with their social outreach that stood them out as a fashion success.

They made several attempts to bring their unique sense of fashion to the world. In 1969, they supported the International Talent Support,Inc for performing arts Latin American dancers, as part of a social program to bring together people from all walks of life and to enhance their skills. Later in 1969, they supported the Pantone Color Institute to showcase their designs internationally. They were often pickuppers for the fashion industry, highlighting fabulous colors and the newest designs. Often, many of their designs were set aside to be sold for posterity.

Krebs introduced fashion skirts and dresses in 1966. She showed them in spacious rooms in the Hotel Ritz in New York. In 1967,women’s clothingbecame widely popular and the purse were placed on the closet of every woman. Also, in 1967 an Parfums Gres assembly line was set up to mass produce these fashion garments. These garments would sell for $5.00 and above. Most of these garments were manufactured in France, although one set was made Parfums Gres in Italy.

By 1975, the company had given up trying to make money in Parfums Gres the apparel line. It was mainlySmall business owners bought sets which they believed would be worth more if they got them set with the other pieces. Thus, the sets were sold in sets to pay Parfums Gres the rentals for the business. UFABET เว็บตรง